A selection of Cymbal holders. The color is chosen to match the drumĀ  >>>

Kind of drum: Davoul / Side drum

made from turned wood with a embedded metal thread M8 for YOUR cymbal. Complete with wing nut, washer and felts.
Easy fastening! Just screw into special opening in body of drum.

Standard: No cymbal, take your own Cymbal or order a simple 10" Cymbal from my "accessories".

hihat 02<<< Hi Hat Cymbal Holder on a 18" Drum (with optional Cymbals and optional MagneticDropClutch)

Have a look in the drum, which is usually invisible system

This variant is more complex than the standard-cymbal holders, but also offers more options than this!

In the drum, the mechanism is installed securely and invisibly fixed. The out-looking parts top can be unscrewed with a few simple steps, for transportation or if you want to play "topless".
The top cymbal is operated with the foot, for an individual rope or belt is hung down to the drum.
Standard: the top cymbal is held by a small clutch, it can be supplied as an option also a MagneticDropClutch, with which you can release at a stroke while playing the top cymbal, with a kick in the rope is again in the top position lifted back - so you have even more sound options!

A link to a short explanatory film can be ordered from me!
Standard: No cymbal, take your own Cymbals or order 2 simple 10" Cymbals from my "accessories".