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DonarTrommel 20" Detail: gebrannte Oberfläche und Verschraubung sind gut zu erkennen



Newly developed clamping system with hidden, internal screw-heads.

Optically reduced to the absolute, this simple smooth drum is strikingly different. No ropes, no kid ... Only the flat screw heads on the rings can be seen.

I developed this form with Donar of Avignon, the drummer of CultusFerrox. It was important that both heads should be excited to different degrees, and the weight goes down as low as possible. After several attempts, I am now a weight of 4.55 kg, quite remarkable for a drum with metal clamp technique.

For CultusFerrox black skins will be used, but also with the default skins it makes a good figure.

The fired surface that I have tested for weight reasons this drum gives the instrument a grippy, natural-looking appearance. This technology is available to all other drums, but not when light-colored wood is desired. For dark brown to black opaque or colored surfaces, it is a nice alternative to the polished and lacquered instruments.

Of course, my harness / belt systems are used, and a cymbal holders can be retrofitted.