36 zoll 01 36 zoll 02 klein
Stefan Pietschmann mit den ersten beiden 36"-Trommeln 36"-Bass-Trommel im Größenvergleich zu einer 20"-Davoul


Bass drum with 36 "diameter and 22" deep. The depth can be varied to produce.
These drums are meant to be hung in a rack. In combination with small drums and cymbals, this results in a powerful percussion.

Colors of rings, body and cable as required.
Tension with a quick-loops and toggles, so that can be easily changed after relaxing the skin, without having to first thread the entire cable from the rings.
Suspension on metal grommets, which are installed on the body at desired locations.
Heads: Batter of LEFIMA with damping ring at the inner edge and a large dot to hitting in the middle, a deep, bottomless and durable skin. Resonant at the request of REMO Renaissance or Fiberskyn - these skins are also available with your logo or lettering to make.
A Muffl-damping strips can be retrofitted, if further attenuation should be required - simply, the top coat is removed and glued to the ring on the inner shell edge.

A transport protection is highly recommended, since the skins are quite expensive. I do not know if the dealer holds Cases in these dimensions. I offer optional on-plywood lid that can be attached using Velcro strips on the instrument. Price on request.