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Normally I use the knob-and-eye system. At every second crossing the rope get tension with wooden knobs.

You learn more
DETAILS under the heading DRUMS.


The loop system is executed as a quick-release system. It can be hang slotted metal rings are used, the one the rope to remove the gag easily, without having to thread it from rings and eyelets. Then you can withdraw both rings including the rope easy!

This system makes it necessary to gag every crossing point, while the standard system only every second intersection is gagged.

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The dual clamping system is another variation of the tension. While both skins are independently clamped to the body.

This system requires separate cable for each skin, creating the relatively dense tension image. This allows the skins stretch very different. Of course, this system weighs a little more ...

The dual tension system can be implemented as a quick-release system.

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It may also be a system with sliding lugs are applied from leather, which
is normally used in the field drums.
This system works better at drums, which are rather higher than wide, because the tabs have a longer sliding path for increased clamping efficiency.

This tension system will naturally have no such high skin tension, such as instruments with gags stretched, and therefore produce a softer sound.



A sort of djembe-lashing tension can also be used, this is entirely dispensed with tension tools such as knobs or tabs and the high base voltage is reached by the cable itself.

This can tighten Technig most elaborate, when used of plastic skins and synthetic fiber rope, it is but the durability of the tension applied well, since only rarely needs to be tightened.

If you want to have no rope tension, but still want to achieve a historic appearance, you can choose the leather lugs for screw clamping.

These Lugs - developed by me - do not differ in function, but optically clear Lugs from "normal" metal, such as those used by default in drums.

The system is not necessarily suitable for retrofitting, other rings and other body will be used as the rope tensioning system.
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specially developed special drum with internal invisible screw heads.
Weight of only about 4.5 kg.
Screws available in various colors.
Body color can be selected, cymbal holders can be retrofitted.

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